About us

ErpCreBit - The ERP Partner that simplifies your success!

ErpCreBit Solutions helps clients navigate to success by providing world class, practical business technology and solutions that provide a rapid and substantial return on investment.

ErpCreBit is a global leader in providing Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions. We're not just another ERP Vendor – we are The ERP Partner that simplifies your success! Your partnership with us ERP ensures continued success from the discovery phase right throughout the implementation, training and on-going support of your system.


Why choose us as your ERP Partner?

A successful ERP implementation ensures a solid foundation for your enterprise today while also ensuring your ability to grow and adapt to changes in your industry, the economy in general and the global marketplace. ErpCreBit offers all the professional services required to ensure that you will be able to leverage your investment in ErpCreBit not only in the short-term but for many years to come.

Global leader in ERP

ErpCreBit is one of the longest standing independent, international vendors of ERP business software solutions and services.

35 years' ERP experience

We have a wealth of knowledge to assist you in configuring a system tailored specifically to your business needs.

Over 1600 ERP partners

ErpCreBit has a proven track record of managed sustainable growth and is operational in over 60 countries, across six continents with over 1600 channel and support partners.

More than 15000 licensed customers

Backed by a dedicated and professional team, ErpCreBit provides ERP software solutions and services to more than 15000 licensed customers within vertical markets ranging from manufacturing and distribution to financial services.

98% customer retention

Human relations are key to our approach and as such we have a 98% customer retention rate and an equally impressive staff retention rate.

Efficient ERP implementation

By building a strong relationship with the right people in your organisation, we create the perfect marriage of skillsets to ensure a smooth and efficient ERP implementation.

How we solve your business challenges?

Our technology and consulting expertise, together with our successful focus solving customer issues, provides us with an unmatched industry reputation. We have an outstanding track record developing, delivering and integrating business technology solutions that result in direct benefits for our customers. Our strengths include:


Rich User Experience

We believe in user interfaces that meet specific functional requirements and are simple to understand, visually appealing, fast and easy to use. Our add-on solutions enhance the user experience, increasing productivity by providing greater ease of use, automating business processes, and simple intuitive user interfaces tailored to your enterprise.

Enhance Productivity, Paperless Processing

Business processes that are simple to understand and use enhance productivity; and the benefits of going paperless are tremendous. What is the value of going paperless? It's time savings, reduced errors, enhanced visibility and accountability.

Automate & Streamline Business Processes

We can help automate critical manual steps and increase productivity and accuracy, allowing your organization to do more with less. Using ErpCreBit Solutions, you can automate and streamline entire business processes.

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